Finally settled!

After mentioning in my last post about some big changes going on in my life, I’m so excited to say that I’m writing this latest blog post from my very own flat! It’s been such a fun, and often very stressful experience, but now I’m all settled in, I couldn’t be any happier, and my blood sugars are finally behaving! (Well mostly!).

Obviously, I’m only 21 so I’ve been living with my parents until now, but I started looking for my own place a few months ago, and a series of events occurred and I found my perfect little flat pretty quickly and was so shocked my when I was accepted after applying! It all just fell into place!

This is a big change for anyone, for a diabetic it’s been a bit of a nightmare at times. The excitement, the nerves, the stress, it’s so cliche but it honestly has been like a rollercoaster and it’s been so exhausting. Suddenly I’ve got a lot more to consider, both diabetes related and just everyday life lessons.

When I hypoed when I was living with my parents, it was a bit of a safety net. If things got too much, I knew they were around to come and give me a hand. It rarely got that bad, but it was the piece of mind. It was the reassurance that they would check on me throughout the night if they felt the need, or the promise that they would get up at a certain time just to make sure that I had too. Now that’s gone, I’m a bit quicker to act once I feel a hypo coming on. None of this is a bad thing, if anything it’s all good.

It’s not just a learning curve in the diabetes sense. I’m quite clued up with most things, but there are a few little lessons I’m learning still! Like how expensive is electricity please?? I can’t walk past my electricity meter without taking a peek and nearly crying!

It’s all really exciting and like I say, I’m really happy. I feel really lucky that I’ve found my little home where I feel so comfortable and content. I’m also quite proud of myself! I couldn’t have done it without my family and friends who have had to put up with non stop waffling from me about washing machines, fridges, bills, plus  all the help I’ve had in getting everything in to the flat and set up, and I’m so grateful.

So hopefully, I’ll now be able to get back to writing a bit more often! But for now, I hope everyone has a really lovely Easter, I’m off to do a whole lot of insulin so I can treat myself to a chocolate egg (or two!)

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