Hi again!

So it’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to write anything lately! Life’s been kind of crazy for me, but thankfully all in a really good way.

Unfortunately, as with all things in my life, it’s been having a major impact on my blood sugars! I’m really excited about all the changes going on, but I’m also really nervous which is causing massive drops in blood sugar. Last Friday, I didn’t do any insulin until 9pm (other than my background insulin that’s always in my system). I had to keep a tight check on my bloods but it was a really bizarre feeling, eating and drinking knowing that I didn’t have to do an injection. Surely my reaction should have been “This is amazing!” but it just gave me such a feeling of uneasiness.

As with any change, no matter how exciting, it also causes some stress. Of course, this has thrown in some pretty high blood sugars, along with all the lows. All it means, is that I’m having to keep an even tighter check on my sugars, which lets face it, can only be a good thing.

Hopefully I’ll be all settled with some free time by next week so I can get back to rambling to all you lovely people! But for now, I just wanted to thank you all so so much for all your comments, likes, shares etc etc. When I begun this, I never thought I’d be getting views from all over the world, or comments from complete strangers that honestly make my day!

So thank you all and please bear with me!! Xx

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