“Sorry, I’m low”

After how serious my last post was, I thought I’d go for a bit of a lighter topic today!

I’ve been really suffering all weekend with hypos (low blood sugar), and I’ve done a couple of stupid things, and it got me thinking about all the weird things I’ve said and done when I’ve been low.

Now I know low blood sugars aren’t really something to joke about, I’ve been on the end of some really bad ones, but you need to be able to see the humour sometimes! I’ve mentioned before, hypos cause me to shake, feel sick and I can become really confused and emotional.

As I said, I’ve suffered some bad hypos this weekend. Not entirely sure why, but I’ve adjusted my insulin and I’m not suffering as badly today, thankfully. I spent most of yesterday in bed, but managed to drag myself out to the shops about 4pm. I hadn’t hypoed for a couple of hours and finally felt a bit more human. I went into town, picked up a couple of little bits and headed back to the bus stop to go home. Well I was half way to the bus stop before I realised I was still pushing the trolley from the shop and I was attracting some weird looks. I stopped and realised I didn’t even remember getting to where I was. I then felt myself begin to shake and I suddenly felt so nauseous. Yep, I’d gone low. Ignoring the urge to abandon the trolley and walk off like nothing had happened, I turned round, took it back and rang my brother asking him to come meet me because I’d gone low again and needed a hand.

In the past, I’ve done some even weirder things. Or at least I’ve been told I have, I don’t always recall what I’ve said / done after a bad episode. A favourite of mine was from when I was about 13/14. My mum came in to check on me before she went to bed and I was asleep. She tried to wake me and ask if I was okay. I’m not entirely sure what got said, she must have asked me how old I was or something (when they suspect I’m low, they sometimes ask questions like this, you’re about to read why) and my genuine response was “I’m 21, I’m driving the night bus and I’m wearing a funny hat.” (Yeah, I think I’d watched Harry Potter before bed). She woke me enough to test my blood and sure enough it was low.

I use to have one of those sofa beds, with a little ladder leading up to the bed and I remember once being low, trying to get out of bed and attempting to climb down the wrong side. It didn’t go well, how I didn’t break something I have no idea.

However a firm favourite of my mum’s, and a story that still gets brought up every now and again, was the time my brother went upstairs to tell her “Hollie’s finally lost it”. She came downstairs to find me in the kitchen with tea all over the counter, and me stood there, seemingly completely fine, trying to make a cup of tea in a bowl. She asked me what I was doing and I informed her I was making a cup of tea in the microwave. Naturally, she asked why I was trying to use the microwave and I turned to her in disbelief and told her “because that’s how you make it!!” She still to this day laughs at how determined and confident I seemed in that I was right and she was wrong, to a point where she even questioned herself for a minute. Obviously she realised I was low and sat me down while she brought me something to eat.

Other times, I’ve been out shopping and gone low. I start snarling at everyone, glaring and muttering under my breath. (more than usual). Once I just sat down in the middle of an aisle and started crying. It can come on so quickly, sometimes I’m not even sure myself what’s wrong. I’m lucky that family and friends normally spot the difference in pretty fast and are pretty understanding. I’ve lost count of amount of times I’ve come round from a hypo and had to go and apologise to people for the way I spoke to them, but normally they’ll laugh it off.

That’s what’s so important with this disease. Having people to laugh with and be supportive. I know I don’t need to be embarrassed or worried about anything I might say or do when I’m not quite myself. It’s like that Snickers advert, “You’re not you when you’re hungry”. I feel like it should be my little motto or slogan or something, “You’re not you when you’re bloods are high / low!”.

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